What is a trademark?

​A trademark distinguishes your brand from another. It can be a logo, word or phrase that people associate with your brand. A UK trademark will protect your brand throughout the UK – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You’ll be able to prevent others from using distinguishing factors, providing you with close to a monopoly within your area of business. 

We register trademarks for a range of clients throughout the year. With the fast developing number of businesses and opportunities, it is important to protect your brand and merchandise more than ever. IPM brings a new experience to the process of trademark registrations. We are the first of our kind, focusing on creating an easy and affordable experience.

Please see our guidelines on how to meet the trademark application requirements.

How long will my trademark last?

Your trademark will last for 10 years from the time it is registered. This is after you have completed the transaction and your application has been reviewed and approved. Please read below for more on the review period.

Is a trademark necessary?

A trademark is important both commercially and legally for any business looking to get the most out of their service. Trademarks are registered on a first come first serve basis, so it is important to take steps and think about it early on! Even if you aren’t sure whether you’ll need it down the line, you can register it and it would last for 10 years before you decide to use it.

What if I have a store, but I do not have merchandise yet?

You can still register a trademark if you do not yet have merchandise, but are thinking of preventing the trademark from being used by others until you are ready. It will last for 10 years, and you will have the option of using it, licensing, or selling it when it is officially registered.

What is a class?

Class is just an official name for category. We need to know the type of goods that will display your trademark, so we can focus on protecting it within that category. This is why trademarks might be compared to owning a monopoly in your chosen area of goods. The more unique, the better. There are currently 45 categories of service and goods internationally, but we focus on our specialist classes, which are incredibly popular choices. Please select your class based on the official descriptions as set by the IPO, and contact our team for any questions.

Which class(es) should I select?

It is completely up to you! Some choose to register their trademark for their restaurant only, needing just one class of goods, while others might prefer to select more choices to include merchandise or commercial products like sauces, drinks and snacks.

Please note that extra classes will cost more. It is your choice to select the most suitable categories. If you end up not using your selections, you will still own it for 10 years and have time to decide on your options. 

What happens after I submit my application?

All applications in the UK need to be reviewed before they are registered. After the review a decision will be made on whether it can be officially registered or not, depending on whether your petition meets the requirements. While our team of partners have close to a 100% success rate, not every application gets approval. Your application needs to fulfill the requirements of being unique, none offensive, but most importantly to not be too similar to other trademarks already registered. 

You’ll typically receive a report giving you feedback on your application. It will then be published on public records for up to 90 days before it is fully registered, if there are no issues with infringement. Ensure your trademark is unique, or order a search for more.

What if after applying, I change my mind?

You can always cancel a trademark that has been registered, but you may choose to hold onto it and decide not to use it until you are ready. You have 10 years before having to decide what to do next. You also have the option of licensing or selling your trademark in the meantime. There are many options for trademark holders. Contact our team for more.

How much does it cost?

The national average for a UK trademark for one class of goods works out at approx. £600, BUT with our pioneering service and team of experts our average is closer to £40 a year, saving you up to £200. Costs are typically paid in a single payment. We also offer pre-application reviews at a flat rate of £50.

What happens if my application is not approved?

Having an application refused can be both disappointing and time consuming – which is why we offer reviews that provide a general search and feedback on your application. Order a review to receive useful feedback from our team of experts before you decide to submit a full application. Please ensure your contact details are correct!

If refused, will I receive a refund?

We offer reviews to give you feedback before you submit a full application. Because of this, we do not offer refunds at this time, but encourage you to follow all guidelines beforehand as changes might not be practical. This does not affect our quality of service and our team are on hand for any queries!

Will information be on public records?

General information of the trademark and the trademark owner will be viewable on public records, for the 90 day period and once the trademark is successfully registered. You have the option to register the trademark in your own name, or the name of your business, as well as address if it is officially registered as a company with Companies House. Please take this into consideration when applying, or contact our team for more information if necessary.

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