Our Policy

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Terms of Service

We enjoy working with new clients and continue to promote the core objectives of our service. Please note that we do not provide legal advice owing to regulatory and insurance purposes. Information on our website, materials, email, social media, or via telephone communications does not constitute professional advice.

We process trademark registrations applications. Our services should not be used as a supplement for legal, commercial or financial advice. All information is believed to be correct at the time of publication but may become obsolete or inaccurate over time. We reserve the right to suspend contact with clients if we deem inappropriate or unreasonable use of the service.

We work with a team of qualified trademark representatives that oversee the trademark registration process. We only make referrals and submissions with your permission. This also allows representatives contact and advise you in areas of your application where they can. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Privacy Policy

During the course of our communications we may ask for information that’s relevant to you. Depending on what you want help with, this might include:

  • your name and contact details

  • personal information – about your business, registrations and campaigns

  • details about services you get

  • details of items or services you’ve bought and traders you’ve dealt with

  • or information like your gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation

If you don’t want to give us certain information, you don’t have to. For example, if you want to stay anonymous we’ll only record general information and make sure you’re not identified. You can withdraw your permission at any time – known legally as withdrawing consent.

How we use your information – the reason we ask for your information is to ensure you receive effective care and to:

  • help us improve our services

  • generate better content for you

  • and to get feedback from you

All staff accessing data have had data protection training to make sure your information is handled sensitively and securely.

We use some information to create statistics about who we’re helping and what problems are the most common. This information is always anonymised – you can’t be identified. We might share these with partners, organisations, funders and publicly on our blogs, reports, social media and press releases. The statistics also inform our policy research, campaigns, or media work.

When we share your information with other organisations, it allows us to:

  • make sure you receive an effective service

  • help you get specialist advice and information

  • help you with your trademark application

  • give you updates about your case when necessary

There might be specific organisations we share your information with that also must store and use your data in line with data protection law. Organisations may store and share your information in different ways depending on what service you access.

More Information

Once your application has been processed changes cannot be made. At this time we do not offer refunds, but please contact a member of the team should you encounter any issues and we’ll do our best to resolve it.

Owners of IPM intellectual property and the service are excluded from any liability that may arise as a result of actions taken by clients, third-parties or partners that have used the services directly or indirectly. Terms and Conditions shall be governed with exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. We reserve the right to update terms and conditions as of when revisited.

IPM operates a full service, with offices based in South West London, UK. Our team of partners are qualified Trademark Representatives.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information.