Our Service Features.

REG1) Single-Payment Plan!theip2

As recommended, our UK based clients are now able to register their trademark with a simple one-off payment. Our team are on hand to offer help & support throughout and post-registration.

2) Full 10 YEAR Protection

Every successful application comes with a full cycle of 10 years branding and legal protection for your business. There are no further fees, hidden or maintenance fees – our prices are transparent and unbeatable – that’s why we are the fastest developing in our field!

3) Trusted Sole Ownership

Once protected, your business will have a trademark that gives the owners full ownership within your specialist field. Your hard work will mean something tangible for personal, legal and public records. Multi-ownership options are also available.

4) Retained Competitive Advantage

Your trademark not only protects you from those looking to copy your brand, but from your competitors with similar logos. This ensures your business will have a competitive edge and may be able to prevent others from using similar logos which could cause confusion. Take steps to protect your client base.

5) 360º Theft Protection

Once clients have successfully applied, you will hold sole ownership to protect your brand from ‘outsiders’ that try to imitate your brands image. It also protects you from businesses with similar logos – see above.

6) Commercial Brand Expansion

Not all businesses are successful. Those with the best long-term strategy have the best chance to not only build, but expand their operations. Our clients think about today and tomorrow by protecting their immediate business opportunities and future potential – selling more services or products.

7) Effective Seller Strategy

Some businesses close down, others are shut down. The end doesn’t have to mean the end with those who register their brands. Why not sell your business trademark? There are many buyers on the hunt for businesses with live trademarks, especially if you’ve already started trading. Our team are on hand for more information.

8) SMART Investment Strategy

Looking for a business investment? Trademarks are the best way to seal the deal. BBC show Dragons’ Den demonstrates how businesses can win or lose based on their business’s IP and trademark record. We are the only agency of our kind, making it easy for businesses to operate effectively!

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